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..too cool for Earth

Space, the Big Black, it’s not the final frontier, it’s home.

"a man, his doggie and the vacuum"

It began with a bar fight J.T Dixon, a loner with a shady past makes a hasty alliance of convenience with Bobby Bananas, the Simian ship captain of a derelict space ship to repay a debt of honor. 

A ragtag crew of veteran spacers and green “fresh airs” weathering a universe wide depression try to retrofit an antique spaceship as a cargo hauler, compounding their difficulties along the way are the myriad aliens of settled space, the secrets of their own past, the darker side of human existence and endless reams of bureaucratic red tape that make settled space work – or don’t.

"smoke and mirrors"

A chimpanzee captain, a renevant canine combat vet and a girl. This was the crew he had to work with. J.T Dixon has a lot of soul searching to do, and a lot of real searching on the Goin Bananas, the monument to tetnus, air leaks and rust he finds himself aboard, investigating the ship and finding more questions than answers. 

And just when things can’t get worse, the derelict ship’s own its multi faceted, shadowy past raises its head to make life more interesting...

"the sweet smell of salvage"

Enter Shiftler, the junk dealer with a Teddy bear exterior, flinty disposition and a fence's reputation, eager to do a "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal with the Goin' Bananas crew. But first, a little lunch.  


"friends in low places"

J.T Dixon and Emily find themselves running for their lives through the decks of Warrick station. They have Shiftler's bag, now they need to get it to him alive.